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Poker has definitely grown on the whole over the course of the last decade. And with the availability of technology, poker and the Internet seemed like a perfect pair. And for a while it was. But that was until the Federal government in the United States began to shut down online poker sites, and banning businesses from operating online gambling sites in the United States. But poker remains popular, and there are a number of sites around the world outside of the United States which are perfectly legal to gamble at. This page is dedicated to informing you about online poker, the safety of online poker, and the legal questions surrounding online poker. Also, we are dedicated to providing you with options that are available for sites that operate outside of the United States, but are USA player friendly.

Laws About Online Poker In The United States

There are several laws enacted and put into place that regulates online gambling in the United States, for which we talk about briefly below.

UIGEA of 2006

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 stipulates that no bank can knowingly transact payments that in any way relates to betting or online gambling. This had made financial transactions with poker sites more difficult but by no means is it impossible. There are several ways to get around the UIGEA and it's financial limitations.

Federal Wire Act of 1961

Originally, it was thought the Wire Act would hold back online poker in the U.S. but that is no longer the case. The U.S. DoJ expounded upon it's interpretation of this bill and they concluded that it only applies to sports betting which means online poker and casino play is not prohibited by the Wire Act.

State Laws About Online Poker

When it comes to state laws and online poker, the states seem to let Federal law handle the situation. But there have been several pieces of legislation that have tried, or are in the process of legalizing online gambling in some forms. But that has yet to make it through, and it's hard to say if it ever will.

Frequently Asked Questions About USA Online Poker

We have isolated many of the most asked questions about online poker in the U.S. and have consolidated them below. We hope this helps answer any of your questions but if you see something that we should have or just something you would like to know, that wasn't answered here, then please feel free to drop us a line at

Is It Safe To Play Online Poker For Real Money Online?

It wasn't that long ago that agencies around the United States like the FBI went and shutdown many of the notable online poker sites that we are all familiar with. And people with real money in those sites might not have gotten it back. But today there are many online poker sites and casinos which operate outside the United States that are safe and legal for you to wager. Federal law prohibits operations of online gambling sites in the United States, but does not outlaw USA players from gambling online. These sites that do accept USA players are legal to play at, with some catering to only players from the United States. So there are safe options out there.

What Is The Legal Age To Play Poker Online In The U.S.?

When it comes to the online poker sites themselves, the age can vary, usually either 18 or 21. However, it is also important to know the gambling age in your state.

If I Play Poker Online, Will I Go To Jail?

The laws enacted by the United States mainly focus on businesses and operating sites in the United States more so that individuals. Playing poker online with sites that operate outside of the United States, but accept US players is fine. The short of it is that no, you will not go to jail for simply playing online poker.

Are Online Poker Sites Safe?

It's important to research and read reviews of the best and most trusted online poker sites out there, which fortunately for you that is exactly what we do here. There are plenty of safe online poker sites out there.

Are Online Poker Sites Legal?

The US government has made it illegal to operate an online poker site for real money inside the United States, but there are several around the world that are fine. These sites do not operate under the jurisdiction of the United States. These sites often cater to USA players, making it easy to register an account, and deposit through a variety of methods.

Best Poker Sites That Are Safe For USA Players

There are plenty of good and trusted online poker sites out there, for which we have reviewed and researched several. You can learn what we have by reading the reviews below but the best way to learn about each is to acutally try them. Below, we have our recommendations and we think that you'll like what we have to offer. Check each of them out and if you'd like, you can begin playing online poker for real money in minutes.

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